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Butcher Holler Kentucky
Breaks Interstate Park
Mary Tyler Moore Statue
Point Pleasant Ohio
South Bend Indiana
Navy Pier, Chicago
Savannah Georgia
Jo Wanders in Florida

Jo wanders around the U.S. on various Road Trips

Road Trips!!

Let me introduce myself... my name is Jo (rumored to be short for Josephine but I'm not talking about that), I'm a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I have lived in the midwest all my life. The last few years I decided that I need to get out there in the world and see something. I discovered the fun of... Road Trips!

I've been to many interesting places, and some not so interesting places. Scenic vacations, and some odd road trips... and I have tons of pictures and coments on all of them to share. I have a goal of getting to every state, so far I've been to 33 of them.

I like seeing cities and small towns and mountains and oceans. I've been wandering in Appalachia and NYC, Key West and LA, and lots of points in between. Hopefully I'll be packing for my next road trip soon! Not bad for an old lady huh?

So wander with me a bit. There's no pop ups or big banner ads, or anything that will mess with your computer here. I'm constantly adding new stuff, bookmark this page and come back often!

You can click on a picture in my Vacation Album, or try one of the links below

"Coal Miner's Daughter" Butcher Holler Kentucky

Breaks Interstate Park - Grand Canyon of the South

Looking for the Mary Tyler Moore Show Statue

It's Not Grant's Tomb - Point Pleasant Ohio

Jo goes to Notre Dame - South Bend Indiana

Road Trip to Navy Pier, Chicago

A Day in Beautiful Savannah Georgia

Jo Wanders around Florida

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